Conflict of Interest Statement:

The IMPACT Award Selection committee is comprised of 10-12 senior staff members who represent a range of experience and expertise at FHI 360. The IMPACT Awards are led by Pamela Myers, Chief Human Resource Officer, and selection committee members are chosen by the EMC. Every effort is made to ensure that the review process is balanced and thorough. Effort is made to make the process as objective as possible, but the nature of the review and determination of awardees does involve a component of subjective evaluation and discussion within the multiple rounds of application reviews.

EMC and selection committee members are not eligible for individual awards, nor are they allowed to nominate staff for awards. However, selection committee members may be included in team nominations. In the event that a committee member has a conflict of interest, for example, a member of their staff or team is nominated for an award, the member may be allowed to provide information as needed to better inform a decision, but must recuse themselves in the final decision making process.