Award Descriptions

Nominations are being solicited for a total of 13 awards. Please see below for award descriptions and selection criteria. All nominations should be submitted by Friday, January 18, 2019.

Business Development
$3,000 Team; $2,000 Individual

Our ability to develop business is critical to FHI 360’s success.  This award recognizes an individual or team contribution to successful business development efforts.


  • Identification and cultivation of new funders or new/emerging markets
  • Outstanding performance in the drafting or preparation of technical or business volumes
  • Effective submissions of proposals
  • Effective client relationships that develop into continued or new business
  • Demonstration of support of FHI 360’s strategy to remain competitive while meeting local needs and improve lives in lasting ways

$3,000 Team; $2,000 Individual

This award recognizes individuals and teams who work across areas, sectors/groups and departmental lines for the improved achievement of FHI 360 outcomes, either in terms of program achievements or operational effectiveness.

  • Collaboration across organizational structural lines to ensure progress towards a more effective utilization of FHI360’s employee/department skills and expertise  
  • Facilitation of better integration of FHI 360 departments, units and regions
  • Demonstration of ability to work successfully together, integrating diverse viewpoints and skill sets

The David Barry "Think Big" Award for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
$2,000 Individual or Team

Dr. David Barry was known as an entrepreneur, visionary, and pioneer in AIDS drug development. He served on the FHI Board of Directors for 12 years from 1990 to 2002, and it was he, who at a meeting in North Carolina in April 2000, urged FHI to "think big" and take on a global leadership role to eradicate AIDS using a holistic health approach. He planted the seed for the START project, FHI's pilot initiative in 2002 demonstrating the potential impact of antiretroviral therapy in resource-constrained settings. David came to FHI having served as Burroughs-Wellcome's Vice President of Research, Development and Medical Affairs, where he was one of the co-inventors of the first anti-HIV drug AZT, approved by the US FDA in 1987. He then founded Triangle Pharmaceuticals in 1995, setting out on a course of clinical development of antivirals for the treatment of HIV and hepatitis B. An advocate for drug development for serious and life-threatening diseases, David was fully committed to making a difference in the world of health. He was a remarkable leader and scientist who moved comfortably in both the business and the research worlds.

This award was established by David Barry's family and the FHI Board of Directors in his memory to award teams or individuals demonstrating "big thinking".


  • Innovation and entrepreneurship in the scientific, technical and management approaches we use to deliver our work
  • Efforts to broaden the scope of our impact
  • Development of new approaches to how we implement and/or support our projects,
  • Improvement in how we manage our resources or undertake new partnerships
  • Efforts to improve staff productivity, achieve cost efficiencies, attain cost reductions
  • Other efforts that improve the quality of our work, make FHI 360 more competitive, or advance our efforts for global leadership in global development

Emerging Leaders
$1,000 – Up to 3 Awardees

This award is designed to recognize individual leaders who are not in formal positions of leadership but demonstrate the potential to take on leadership positions in the future.


  • Demonstration of the potential for and commitment to strengthening competencies in leading people and managing funding, business processes, enterprise services, and/or technical quality
  • Promotion of FHI 360 values
  • Outperformance in formal duties
  • Lead by example and with professionalism
  • Demonstration of potential to grow within the organization and the field

Enterprise and Corporate Services
$3,000 Team; $2,000 Individual

This award recognizes the fact that FHI 360 operations and programs could not be successful without the contribution of expanded project team members that ensure the quality and functioning of the underlying systems and processes that support them. This award is dedicated to individuals or teams working in any project or corporate Enterprise Service function (all teams under Finance, Administration, CMS, HR, ISS, OCIA, Strategy, Communications, centralized Business Development) in any location.


  • Stellar contributions, extraordinary commitment and "above and beyond" support and service to strengthening country and project operating platforms and teams

The Lynda Cole Award for Excellence
$2,000 – Regional/Country Staff Only

Lynda Painter Cole was employed at FHI from July 1976 until December 2000. As a researcher, program leader and staff mentor, Lynda epitomized FHI's values. Starting her career at FHI in the Clinical Trials Division, Lynda managed many of FHI's large multi-center clinical trials on contraceptive methods. From 1987 to 1993, Lynda served as Associate Director and then Deputy Director of the USAID-funded AIDSTECH project, managing programs in the Eastern Caribbean and overseeing AIDSTECH activities in information, education, communication, training and condom logistics. Lynda then became Director of Field Operations in 1993, providing leadership in the strategic programming of FHI's resources from a regional and country perspective and overseeing projects around the world. She published extensively in professional journals and traveled widely for her work. She was instrumental in attracting numerous government grants worth millions of dollars, and she touched the lives of many people during her 24 years at FHI.

In recognition of Lynda's commitment and numerous contributions to the organization, the Board of Directors established the Lynda Cole Award for Excellence in 2001 to be presented annually to an employee who has similarly exhibited outstanding contributions towards FHI 360's mission. This award is to be given to a current international office employee (regional or country office) who is employed by FHI 360 in a full-time capacity. Both international and locally hired field staff are eligible below the director or office head level, including technical, administrative, and support staff. Nominations can be made by any FHI 360 staff member, but should be made through the nominee's office, to assure the broadest consensus of merit by those who best know the contributions of the nominee. Recipients will be ineligible for this award in the future.


  • Demonstration of the attributes that were valued by Lynda, including full commitment to FHI 360's mission and the field, loyalty, honesty, creativity, and a willingness to take on new challenges.
  • Making major contributions to FHI 360 and its mission

Outstanding Effort
$1,000 – Up to 5 Awardees

The Outstanding Effort Award will be given to up to five staff members or teams who have made an outstanding contribution to any aspect of FHI 360 operations, routinely going above and beyond regular and customary job responsibilities to help the organization achieve its mission. This award will serve to recognize the achievements and accomplishments of individuals and teams who may or may not always be in the spotlight, but deserve recognition for their significant contributions to FHI 360's successes this year.


  • Outstanding contribution to any aspect of FHI 360 operations
  • Routinely going above and beyond regular and customary job responsibilities to help the organization achieve its mission

Program Excellence
$3,000 Team; $2,000 Individual

This award recognizes outstanding contributions of an individual staff member or team to FHI 360's leadership in human development.  This award will seek to recognize demonstrated efforts to achieve quality and impact in programs furthering FHI 360’s mission.


  • Contributions to organization such as:
    • Highly effective project start-up
    • Timely efforts to address challenging program circumstances and meet program targets
    • Promoting integrated development solutions
    • Utilization of research or evidence-based approaches to improve program quality
    • Intense involvement in a program's design and development
    • Demonstrated efforts to ensure that a project is meeting its deliverables — on budget and on time, with the highest quality of management and responsiveness to client and stakeholder feedback

Client Satisfaction and Program Management

$3,000 Team; $2,000 Individual

FHI 360's clients include our beneficiaries, host governments, funders and partners. We also have internal FHI 360 clients to whom we provide support and solutions allowing others to accomplish their work for external clients. This award recognizes excellence in project management and program delivery.


  • Identification and implementation of new ways to surpass expectations
  • Effective management of client relationships
  • Ensuring that projects are managed on track, on time, on budget and more than meet our client’s needs

  1. Describe how the nominee has demonstrated the criteria listed above. Describe the behaviors and accomplishments that qualify the nominee for this award. Be specific in your description of behaviors and actions of the individual/team. Nominations that do not speak to the criteria will not be considered for an award.

Team Leadership
$1,000 – Up to 3 Awardees

This award recognizes individuals who are formally managing other staff and who demonstrate strong leadership qualities and competencies of people management, change management, business acumen, political savvy, and strategic agility. Nominations for this award are encouraged from employees working under the supervision of this leader.


  • Demonstration of strong leadership qualities and competencies:  people management, change management, business acumen, political savvy, and strategic agility
  • Commitment to strong ethics, establishing clear direction, dealing with problems quickly and professionally, encouraging staff development and mentorship, communicating appropriately, and encouraging work/life balance while insuring team and individual results

Scientific and Technical Leadership
$3,000 Team; $2,000 Individual

To be given to the staff member or team who, in the past year, has made a major contribution to FHI 360's scientific and technical leadership. This leadership could be exemplified by a major publication, client recognition, citation as a best practice, presentation at a major international setting, or any programmatic or scientific contribution deemed by the Awards Committee to help distinguish the organization for its advancement of global and human development.  


  • Made a major contribution to FHI 360’s scientific and technical leadership through:
    • A major publication
    • Client recognition
    • Citation as a best practice
    • Presentation at a major international setting

Integrated Development
$3,000 Team; $2,000 Individual

This award recognizes an individual or team’s ability and initiative to reach outside their technical “cone or silo” and integrate two or more technical areas of expertise in the design of a proposal, through research and evaluation, or to enhance a program’s impact by adding a new technical dimension or perspective.  Nominations should both demonstrate the initiative taken to find and apply integrated solutions, as well as to utilize and/or expand the body of evidence supporting integrated solutions.  The individual or team that receives this award will have made a significant contribution to FHI 360’s track record and reputation for the design, delivery, or evaluation of integrated approaches to solving some of today’s most challenging development problems. 


  • Integration of two or more technical areas of expertise
  • Demonstration of initiative to find and apply integrated solutions
  • Utilization and/or expand body of evidence supporting integrated solutions
  • Made a significant contribution to FHI 360’s reputation in integrated approaches

Knowledge Sharing
$3,000 Team; $2,000 Individual

FHI 360 lives the science of improving lives by using research and evidence to design and deliver programs that impact the world’s toughest human development challenges.  We are and continue to aspire to be a thought leader, recognized for the knowledge we generate, apply and share with the world.  We must have an environment within the organization where staff share knowledge, know how to tap into knowledge resources regardless of where they are located in the organization and the world and where we build on existing knowledge to improve our approaches to complex challenges in the communities we serve.

The award recognizes an individual or team who have shown the spirit and the results of sharing knowledge and applying learnings to our work beyond an individual or single group’s use. 


  • Providing reports and other programmatic project knowledge and results to the FHI 360 knowledge base
  • Openly sharing observations, learning and discovery about our approaches, both what works and what could be improved
  • Active participation and/or facilitation of a Community of Practice within or outside of FHI 360
  • Blog contributions on topics of interest in our work
  • Important role in generating new knowledge
  • Publication in leading professional journals
  • Sharing of outcomes, generating new knowledge that promotes new approaches